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We, the people of New York City, are tired of having our neighborhoods destroyed by big development schemes. No matter how much we object, it makes no difference. Our elected officials are too busy pleasing the big real estate interests to work for us, their real constituents. This NYU expansion plan is only the latest example. It’s not about education—it’s a land grab pure and simple.  Mayor “Mogul Mike” Bloomberg & City Council Speaker Christine Quinn both know it and support it. The vast majority of NYU’s own faculty oppose the plan—39 departments and divisions have actually voted against it . The people of Greenwich Village overwhelmingly oppose it. Community Board #2 voted against it unanimously. It’s time to say that the buck stops here.  No more.  Not in the Village.  Not anywhere.


While We Were Sleeping

While We Were Sleeping: NYU and the Destruction of New York is an urgent call to save Greenwich Village from New York University's uncontrolled expansion.

Click here to donate to NYUFASP and receive a copy of "While We Were Sleeping: NYU and the Destruction of New York" (minimum donation to receive a book is $10 plus $8 shipping).

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